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MAY 2023


By Jim Justice

Beginning Balance March  $75.33

Received from Trustees March


Income for March.                $3,702.00

Total Balance                       $13,277.33

Expense for March.              $7,309.29

Ending Balance March                $5,968.04

Note: Received $5,000.00 from Trustees for expenses.

Received $4,500.00 for cleaning bricks out front.

If it is possible to open your hearts to increase your giving, the Lord will provide for your needs.



By Jan Sieber

1.Women of Joy are offering a cruise through the Caribbean leaving from Ft. Lauderdale in October. Registration needs to be in by May 12th to get a discount.

2.  Women of Joy have four opportunities coming up for the conference titled Sacred Rest. The places and dates are: San Antonio, TX on Sept. 29-Oct. 1, Branson, Missouri on Oct. 6-8, Pigeon Forge, TN on Oct. 13-15, and Frisco, TX on Oct. 27-29. Featured speaking in this conference in Candace Cameron Bure. On Oct 16-19 is the Celebrator’s Conference entitled Steadfast Love, and Candace Cameron Bure is also a speaker for this conference.

3..   Payment for the brick garden can be made out as a check to Delphi First Presbyterian Church with “brick garden” in the memo line. Each brick will be $25.

 4.   Leon will begin working on a master list of what bricks are already there.

5. On Palm Sunday we served 48 people. Pat thanked the “crew” that worked together to cook, serve, and clean up the meal. A special thanks to Abbee and the youth (Blaize, Cooper, and Carter) who helped wash dishes, bus tables, take out garbage, etc.

6. Session voted to purchase new stoles for Leon in purple, white, and red. He will order them and can spend up to $500.

7.  Carroll Manor really enjoyed the brunch, and Pat mentioned the possibility of a Harvest Brunch and include not only Carroll Manor but also the nursing home and the congregation. 

8. There is a Faithful Friends list from Carroll Manor-Abbee will look at what products are needed and a possible “loose change Sunday” to help meet the needs of the residents of Carroll Manor. She will follow up with these as possible youth projects. Also, Pat suggested that the youth might make pizza for the residents and serve it to them.

9. As a followup on this project discussed above, the youth are going to set up a table in the basement for loose change and supplies needed by the Carroll Manor residents. We will deliver these sometime in July. Items needed are white cake mix, muffin mix, Canola cooking oil, instant butterscotch pudding, rice, instant potatoes, mii marshmallows, biscuit mix, bullion cubes, canned fruit, canned vegetables, broth, cream of soup, dry pasta, peanut butter, laundry detergent, Bounce dryer sheets, Shout stain remover, 13 gallon trash bags. Please help the youth "fill the table" with supplies and loose change so we can support the Carroll Manor residents.

10. The youth are going to assemble gifts for Mother's Day.

11. The next Session meeting will be on May,8th




“There will be openings for new Session members as of January 1st, 2024.  As fast as time goes, that is not a long way off.  Please start now praying about your role in the leadership of our church.  You may have a special talent that God wants you to use as a member of the Session.  The meetings are held once a month and last about 1 to 1-1/2 hours each.  Everyone has a responsibility to the church in one way or another.  Perhaps this is YOUR way.  If you feel drawn to do this and you feel God is calling you forward, please let Linda Gingrich or Pastor Leon know.  Thank you for your consideration and God Bless You.”





By Linda Gingrich

Here are the responses from the recent survey that we collected.

Possible Activities

(5) Bible Study: (3-Ladies)  (Men)  (2-Mixed)

(2) Bingo

(4) Block Party (Summer) (plus 1? Noted A Lot of Work)

(5)3-Indianapolis Zoo and/or 2-Children’s Museum

(3) Long Center (Lafayette)

(3) Movies in our sanctuary

(6) Myers Dinner Theatre (Hillsboro)

(5) Potluck dinner with games &/or card party after

(3) Valentine Soup and Salad

(5) “Clown” Worship Service

(2 )Community Hog Roast

7 each Picnic @ the Park or River Day @ Jim and Diane’s

(3) Outdoor Service @ Covered Bridge or Adam’s Mill

(5) Caroling next Christmastime

(5) Attend Assembly of God Christmas Dinner Theater production

(1) Delphi Opera House

(1) Prophet’s Town State Park

(1) Tippecanoe Ampitheatre

(1) Christian Movies at local theatre



By Karen Schnepp

As May arrives we wish to celebrate and honor all of the mother’s. On behalf of the Mission and Outreach committee we Wish Each and Every Mother a Very Happy Mother’s Day.

As we reflect on Mother’s day I think of Mary mother of Jesus. She played such an important part in the life of Jesus.

I had a very special mother and even though I love and miss her everyday, I have the peace of knowing that she is in Heaven. If my mother were here a gift I would give her is to take her on a cruise…

Speaking of Cruises. January 29-February 2nd is the first ever Women of

Joy Cruise. While on the cruise you will visit Nassau, Bahamas, Coco Cay and depart and return to Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

On the cruise will be 3 speakers and 2 concerts. The cost is $799 but if you register early you can save $100. If you are interested please call the church office. With any questions please see Karen Schnepp.




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