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By Jim Justice

Beginning Balance May $2,766.54

Received from Trustees May


Income for May                $3,946.00

Total Balance                    $6,712.54

Expense for May              $5,803.08

Ending Balance May


If it is possible to open your hearts to increase your giving, the Lord will provide for your needs.



By Jan Sieber

1. Communion was served on May 7th, prepared by Linda.

2. We received a thank you note from Sandy Cripe for the christmas Basket contributions

3. The leftovers from the Lions Club dinner on the first week in May were taken to the Carroll Manor.

4. Leon, Linda, and Dee have been updating the info on the Brick Garden

5. The tea at Carroll Manor was well received. There was a steady crowd, coming in, despite inclement weather. We assume they heard about Shirley's cookies!

6. Session decided to buy bricks for members who passed away within the last 5 years. If there is no one left in the church we will purchase a brick to remember them. 

7. Linda noted that we didn't need to get money from the Trustees for April. 

8. The trustees reported that they have met and decided on the awards for scholarships


1. Communion was served June 4th and was prepared by severa;l volunteers in Linda's absence. 

2. Correspondence: Thank you note from DCES for contributions for the books, Jim Hallar transferred his membership to Monticello Presbyterian Church, money for a brick for Robert and Donnabelle Sieber was sent by their daughter Sue Cornell

3. Beth has announced her resignation as church secretary effective in early August.

4. Karen brought forth several giving opportunities in the Presbytery.

5. Dee has picked up the icemaker and it is working!

6. Dee will start getting the bricks engraved, and the final due date for money for the bricks was set at July 2nd

7. Abbee and Sondra and the youth spread mulch on the front of the church when preparing the Mother's Day gifts. Thank you!

8. Linda and Pat will go through all the supplies left over from Lions and donate all goods nearing their due date to Carroll Manor.

9. No money was pulled again from the Trustees in May

10. Leon's new stoles have come in, Jan ironed them, and he has been wearing them on Sundays.

11. Jan called the city to find out about internet access. We are now on a list that will notify us when the internet is available to us. 

12. We need to follow through with the activities we surveyed people about, and we will have a short meeting after church Sunday to discuss this.


Sunday Session Meeting 6/25

1. Session approved hiring Beth Ann Hessong to replace Beth Zootman as secretary. She will begin coming in to work with Beth Z.. Abbee Finn was also approved to take over cleaning duties at the church starting next week.

2. It was decided that we will try to schedule a service at Riley Park in lieu of Diane and Jim's home. Leon will check into availability to see if we can find a date. Linda will send the session members a list of all the activities we surveyed so we can take action on them before the summer passes us by.



  The Lion's Club does not meet at our church during the summer months, therefore, we are off duty until Sept.
We have had a very good year of serving  meals for their bimonthly meetings.   The Lions guarantee us a  number of 25
members to serve or more if they have extra guests.  .
A special thanks to, Pat Duff, Linda Gingrich, Susan and Heather Hutsell, Diane Justice, Gloria Maxwell, Judy Humbarger and
Pastor Leon for managing the kitchen and dining room and  a very special thank you to Steve Briggs for rescuing us from a ferocious  bat.
These people made the project possible while helping with the  church budget as well.
Thanks for a job well done!!
God's blessing to all.
Pat and Linda


By Linda Gingrich

It is with great sadness that we report that our Secretary, Beth Zootman, will be leaving us the 1st of August.  Beth has done wonders to update our office and to keep the church on an even keel through many changes.  We will miss her smiling face and upbeat personality but wish her well in her life’s journey.  On a lighter note, however, we are pleased to announce that we have a new Secretary starting immediately.  Beth Ann Hessong will be training with Beth Z. so the transition from one to the other will be as smooth as possible.  Anyone who wishes to stop in the church office to bid Beth Z. farewell and Beth Ann welcome will have the Mondays and Wednesdays of July to do so. 

We also lost our Contract Church Cleaner, Deloris Pitts, to some health problems and upcoming surgeries.  Our own Abbee Finn will be taking over those responsibilities July 1st.  Until she has a chance to get settled in to the job, please direct any questions or comments to the personnel committee (Gloria Maxwell or me). 




By Linda Gingrich

Bible Study has started with the group meeting at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday mornings in the Church Lounge.  We are using “In the Footsteps of the Savior” by Max Lucado as our study guide.  All interested parties are welcome to come even though you have missed a couple of chapters.  Each session is geared to discussions that are a complete subject.  Lunch, after class, is provided for those who wish to stay and eat.





By Karen Schnepp

July is here and with that comes the joy of celebrating our Nation’s Birthday. Such a wonderful time to come together with Family and Friends and reflect on the Blessings God has bestowed on our nation. We also as Christians need to remember to lift our Country and it’s leaders up in prayer.

July is also the month for our county fair, which I look forward to every year.

The Carroll County Fair runs. July 14-21st.

After the busyness of July we prepare for August and for the kids to go back to school. Let’s always remember to keep our schools, bus drivers students, teachers and staff in our prayers.










As I prepare to leave my position here as your secretary, I want everyone to know that I leave here with so much love in my heart for the people of the First Presbyterian Church of Delphi

Thank You so Much for all the love and the support that you have given me over the past 5 years.  It truly has been a blessing working with you.

On a bright note, I am so thankful to know that I leave you in good hands with Beth Ann Hessong.


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