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                   OCTOBER NEWSLETTER

                 WELCOME PASTOR LEON

Dear Congregation,

            Hello one and all. I am Leon Hessong your new Pastor here at First Presbyterian Church Delphi. I just wanted to drop a line or two and introduce myself to those whom I have not had the chance to speak with. I am so eager to see what God has in store for us as we go about building and strengthening our faith walks together. I know God has great plans for us here and I am excited to meet each one of you. As I go about my first days here and establish routines, please know I will send out a more personnel letter to each in the church as well as continuing this little what’s up section in the Newsletter but, for now I was born and raised in Lafayette IN. I graduated from Lafayette Jeff in 1983 as did my wife Beth. She and I reside in Geetingsville just 6 miles east of Rossville. We have a son Bryan Shelton, and he is currently in a relationship with his girlfriend Tiffany Smith of 2 years and between them they have 7 yes 7 children. Beth and I love each one as our own and treat each as the precious gifts from God they are. Beth and I have been members of Geetingsville Presbyterian Church together for 17 years as husband and wife and I have been there for 8 years prior seeking to find myself and God. We exchanged our wedding vows in a Sunday Service at GPC and might I say there was not an empty pew nor a dry eye in the house that day. She and I have known each other since 9th grade and went our separate ways after graduation. God needed us to go down some broken roads before he brought us to spend the rest of our days side by side. In all honesty I had never placed myself in the roll as Pastor until I went to and served in the Lafayette Great Banquet and then a Kairos Prison Ministry. I received my call to Pastoral Leadership when serving in my first Kairos weekend. From that point my pastor decided to put me in the pulpit, and I gave several messages. God opened many doors in Beth’s and my life at that time so many wonderful things started happening. I began my CRE training, was awarded a supervisor’s position at Dana Fairfield in Lafayette, Beth and I served as Community directors for the Kids portion or Awakening part of the Great Banquet Community. I finished with my CRE training and began to do pulpit supply at several churches including Delphi. I must say our first time here Beth and I felt at home worshiping with you and all felt right, discussions started, and examinations completed and now I am graciously and humbly here to serve you all as your Pastor but more importantly we are here to grow in our faith with you, our new and loving Church Family. Please know you are all in my prayers and if there is anything any of you need, please reach out for I am here for you.

Pastor Frederick Leon Hessong Jr  


1975 East State Road 26

Frankfort, In. 46041

Cell 765-337-4998

                             P.S. please leave a message and I will get back ASAP               



By Jim Justice

Beginning Balance August $1,479.36

Received from Trustees August


Income for Aug               $2,717.00

Total Balance                   $4,196.36

Expense for Aug.             $4,090.99

Ending Balance August  $105.37

If it is possible to open your hearts to increase your giving, the Lord will provide for your needs.




  • Pastor Catherine Moran was the moderator for our Session Meeting of September 12th. Received a note from Kaye Petry that she is downsizing and we won’t be hearing from her regularly.  A thank-you will be sent to thank her for her generous donations over the years.

  • A nominating committee has been formed and has discussed possible candidates for Session 2023.  To make an even number going off of Session in two years, that person will complete a two year term ending 2024.Mission Chairman,

  • Karen Schnepp, will be obtaining information and collection envelopes for the Christmas Joy Offering that we will be taking later.

  • Dee Humbarger has been given the name of a company in Lafayette that might be able to help redo our Memorial Garden.  Dee has been doing work on the furnace and has had some plumbing work done.

  • Linda Gingrich of Worship Committee is planning to start a Bible study soon as we have the material left that Pastor Grace was using when she left.

  • Plans are proceeding to visit The Ark next month.  Session voted to rent a 32-passenger bus to take us to Kentucky on Sunday, October 16th.  Sondra Humbarger is making the plans for this trip.

  • They have also asked the Lions group for an additional $2 per person for the meals that are prepared on their meeting nights.

  • We still have $4,000 left in our Tithing fund for the community.  It was learned that the Buddy Bag program is in need of additional funds.  It costs $179/year for each child.  Session voted to donate $2,000 which will cover 10+ children.

  • A discussion was held about the credit cards that the Church has.  Because of insurance guidelines and liabilities to the Church, we were told that the ones in specific names should be turned back into the church.  New ones need to be issued in the Church’s name with a list sent to our bank of those people authorized to sign.  Linda will discuss this with the parties involved.

  • Next meeting will be held October 10.  Since Leon is still working and usually goes to work around 1:00, we will check with him to see of 10:00 am will work.   


By: Karen Schnepp

On September 14th we had a Senior Luncheon and BINGO. The meal was wonderful, and everyone had a good time. The Mission and Outreach Committee is so Blessed to be going to the Women of Joy Conference October 7-9th in Pigeon Forge, TN. We will be joined by the 6 from the Flora Presbyterian Church and some from the Rockwood Church in TN. Will attend as well. It will be a wonderful time of fellowship and learning about our Lord. Please pray for us for safe travels.

On October 16th the church will attending the ARK Encounter in Kentucky. What a fun and enjoyable day that will be. Please continue to lift up Rose Schock as she moved to Tennessee that God would bless and keep her, I know I sure do miss her and seeing her on Sundays for church.

Can you believe it is Fall already and since October is Halloween month, we wish everyone a Happy Halloween, Time is going by so fast, before too long winter will be here along with preparations for Holidays. Let’s look forward to each day and the beauty God Created.



Helpers are needed for the Lions Club Dinners on the 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. You will do not have to stay the whole time, if you can give an hour to help prep that would be great.

If interested see Pat Duff or Linda Gingrich



It is time to prepare for the Christmas Baskets Toy Store.

December 5, 2022 we begin to prepare Honan Hall for the toy store.  December 9 is distribution day.  All those that like to help out or donate items just contact:

Gloria Maxwell  765-412-2135

Call or texting is fine.

Lets have a great year, it is all about the kids!

Worship Volunteers

Oct. 2

Lay Leader: Jim Justice

Coffee Fellowship: Jan Sieber

Greeter: Steve Briggs, Jan Sieber

Communion: Jan Sieber

Oct. 9

Lay Leader-Linda Gingrich

Coffee Fellowship: Judy Humbarger

Greeter: Jim and Diane Justice

Oct. 16


Oct. 23

Lay Leader: Gloria Maxwell

Coffee Fellowship: Karen Schnepp

Greeter: Gene and Judy Humbarger

Oct. 30

Joint Worship at Flora

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